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12-inch Seamless Clip-In Set, Relaxed Texture $221 USD

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Realistic, lightweight, and undetectable!

Our 12-inch Clip-In Set is a crowd favourite among the ladies who prefer shorter Extensions because of its ability to enhance and blend into shorter Relaxed Hair, while giving a polished look, without announcing that you’re wearing Extensions.

If you suffer from broken hair at the nape, uneven strands throughout the head or you’re growing out a shorter hairstyle, this 12-inch Clip-In Set is one of the most convenient ways to help elevate your look in minutes!



-10 Well-appointed Clip-In Rows blend with real Relaxed Hair for a natural finish

-Seamless Bands lie flat against the head and prevent tension and damage to real hair

-Voluminous but lightweight, comfortable to wear, averaging about 120 grams per set

-Quick and Easy Installation, no need for teasing or hairspray at the roots, they do not slip out easily

-Extension Hanger, keeps hair neatly sorted while styling and storing

-Anti-Breakage Detangling Comb, gentle but effective detangling

-Can last 3 years plus, with proper care and maintenance

-Premium Quality Human Hair, natural 1b colour, can be lightened, coloured, curled and flat-ironed


1 review for 12-inch Seamless Clip-In Set, Relaxed Texture $221 USD

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    I purchased the 12″ Clip ins in the month of June 2023. Let’s talk about professionalism 10 stars, let’s talk about feedback and follow through 10 stars and now let’s talk about the hair. I have never worn clip ins so I was abit hesitant but after looking at Kemba’s tutorials I became a self proclaimed professional. Easy, quick and simple to install. The quality of the hair is second to none, it matched my texture perfectly, and the length “Wow” who would believe a 12″ could be this long yet natural looking, light yet not stringy as we say in Trinidad. I coloured it to match the colour of my hair, let’s just say it eases my stress away. Upon first installation my 19 year old son commented “Mummy this hair has transformed you”. I have worn bundles and countless expensive brands but all I can say is TopTierTextures or Triple T delivers exactly what the name implies Top Tier Texture extensions. It’s money well spent. Click, click click away and order yours today, it’s a price you would love to pay.

    July 19, 2023
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