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14-inch Weft-Bundle, Majestic-Coily 4b-4c, $174 USD


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Our 14-inch Majestic-Coily Wefted-Bundles are great for long-term protective styles that protect your gorgeous coils and give them a break from everyday manipulation.

These 14-inch bundles offer just the right amount of length and body to give the illusion of elongated coils, and help showcase the Majestic Beauty that is coily hair!

At 14 inches you’re able to combat shrinkage and jazz up your beloved wash-and-go styles, with bundles that do all the heavy lifting, while your real hair lies beneath, getting its well-deserved beauty rest!



-Elongated Coils give you the ability to get creative and try new coily styles

-Wide Full Wefts, averaging 98 inches in width, 113 grams each

-1 Bundle supports Filler Track Sew-Ins

-2 Bundles produce Natural Sew-In with leave-out

-3 Bundles create a Mega-Volume Sew-In with little to no leave-out

-Can last up to 3 years or more with proper care and maintenance

-Premium Quality Human Hair, natural 1b colour, can be coloured, lightened, curled and flat-ironed

*Due to the nature of curly hair, length refers to hair when stretched



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