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14-inch Clip-Ins Set, Royal-Curly, 3c-4a, $261 USD


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These 14-inch Clip-Ins blend so well with 3c-4a hair, even YOU will have a hard time determining where your real hair starts and ends once they’ve been installed!

They’re a simple and elegant way to add length and body to your real hair, without advertising you’re wearing extensions.



-10 Easy-Snap Rows of Clip-Ins, that do not require hairspray or teasing to stay put

-Voluminous but lightweight, more hair but oh so comfortable to wear, averaging 140 grams per pack

-Blends seamlessly with 3c-4a curls

-Quick and Easy Installation, gives a full-head look with JUST 1 PACK

-Extension Hanger, keeps hair neatly sorted while styling and storing

-Extension Travel Bag, keeps hair collections organized

-Anti-Breakage Detangling Comb, gentle but effective detangling

-Can last 3 years plus, with proper care and maintenance

-Premium Quality Human Hair, Natural 1b colour, can be lightened, coloured, curled and flat-ironed

*Due to the nature of curly hair, length refers to hair when stretched


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