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Noninvasive Abdominal Sculpting
and Cellulite Techniques Course (N.A.C.T)

is the blueprint for effective Sculpting results, that keep you BOOKED as a Solo-Sculptor, or a large scale business, without the time-consuming, contradictory information on the internet and YouTube; from a 6 year Sculpting Professional!

Make informed economic decisions by selecting the right equipment to fit your practice’s needs and stay on budget

Up-level your service offering and earning-potential fast by eliminating trial and error, and grow your clientele

Clients who are pleased recommend, and return! Use the power of satisfied clients to propel your business

Set your hours, define your workload, be well-compensated for your skills, and enjoy your freedom-lifestyle balance

You've Got Options!

Full Course
One-Time Payment Option
$5000 TTD

Pay As You Go Plan
$366 TTD
x15 Theory Lessons

What do I get in the N.A.C.T course?

Learning on demand! You control your speed!

1 Course,15 Video Lessons, 15 Reference Notes, and 2 In-Person or Online Assessment Classes!

  1. Module 1 Prep and Sanitation
  2. Module 2 Lesson 1 Abdominal Fat Classifications
  3. Module 2 Lesson 2 Client Assessment and Treatment Verification
  4. Module 3 Lesson 1 Wood Therapy Insights
  5. Module 3 Lesson 2 Wood Therapy Theory
  6. Module 3 Lesson 3 Wood Therapy Practical
  7. Module 4 Lesson 1 Cavitation Overview
  8. Module 4 Lesson 2 Ultrasonic Cavitation System Theory
  9. Module 4 Lesson 3 Ultrasonic Cavitation System Practical
  10. Module 5 Lesson 1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Overview
  11. Module 5 Lesson 2 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Theory
  12. Module 5 Lesson 3 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Practical
  13. Module 6 Lesson 1 Cellulite Reduction Techniques Theory
  14. Module 6 Lesson 2 Cellulite Reduction Techniques Practical
  15. Module 7 Lesson 1 Kemba’s Treatment Blue Prints
  16. *Two FREE In-person or Online Assessment Classes once Online Theory Lessons are Completed

But wait, there's MORE! Your Bonus Pack includes:

 14 pages of actual client Case Study Transformations, Diet and exercise recommendations,
Client intake and assessment forms, Treatment schedules, and Financial guidance!

  Join the BILLION DOLLAR Sculpting Industry! With lifetime access to:

  • 7 Modules 
  • 15 Lessons
  • Pause, rewind and revisit your lessons at any time
  • View on any mobile device or computer
  • Learn at the speed that’s comfortable for you
  • Utilize ongoing support from BRG Skin Lab
…the stage is set for you to serve satisfied clients, craft a solid Non-Invasive
 Sculpting business and develop a framework 
that keeps YOU in demand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Upon completion of all online Theory Lessons your Certificate of Completion will be available for download. Thereafter, please contact the office at 1-868-633-5757 to schedule your two In-Person or Online Assessment classes. Once assessment classes are successfully completed you will receive your gold-sealed Completion Certificate in person or via post.

The course is self-paced, so the completion time depends on your speed of consumption. Online Theory Lessons can be completed in 1-3 days. You are then responsible for contacting the office at 1-868-798-3367 to schedule your two Assessment Sessions master technique. You have the ability to pause, rewind, track your progress and revisit your lessons. This is not a race, and you should give yourself enough time to process the material, go through the PDF downloads, and take action while you learn as guided by the course.

No prior Body Sculpting training is required to take this course. All techniques and procedures are thoroughly explained so concepts are easy to grasp.

Yes! It’s easy for you to access the Pay-As-You-Go option. You’ll pay to advance through each of the 15 Theory lessons. You only pay for EACH of the 15 Online Theory lessons ONCE. Once a lesson is unlocked, you’ll have unlimited access to view, pause and rewind it, and access its downloadable notes. You must advance through the course in chronological order in order to achieve completion and be granted your Theory Completion Certificate. 

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